Shutterfest 2017 (national conference)


Shutterfest is a 3 day conference in St. Louis. This year there were 2300 photographer attendees and around 300 models. I was selected as a speaker along with several others from all around the country. I taught a class on concept shooting, focusing on High School Seniors.  I also participated in several small group shoots, and i taught an impromptu on lighting with color gels. 


Here are some of the looks I designed for my class:

Custom headpiece paired with a prom gown

Custom gown made ON the model

1040’s vintage theme


1960’s vintage theme

Here is some of my personal work during the conference:

Designer: Lucia’s Sarto of KC, HMUA: Kim Ackerman, Model: Kirsten Johnson

Designer: Lucia’s Sarto of KC, HMUA: Kim Ackerman, Model: Simone Liston


Model: Liz Dorsey, MUA: Hernan Rivera


Model: Julianna Paige, Styled by Vogue Studio


Model and MUA: Shelby Dee, styled by Vogue Studio


Designer: Alice Andrew’s Designs, Model: McKenzie Leeder


Designer: Victoria Schultz, Models: Erin Pribyl, Caitlin Wood, Launa Roberts, Tai Jamaal, and Meghan 


Designer: Lucia’s Sarto of KC, Model and MUA: McKenzie Leeder


Designer: Lucia’s Sarto of KC, Model: Dominique Mayfield, HMUA: Abbi Chartrand


Designer: Lucia’s Sarto of KC, Model: Brook Libbert, HMUA: Abbi Chartrand


Designer gown by Lucia’s Sarto, KC. Model and MUA: McKEnzie Leeder


Custom made lace gown by Vogue Studio, MUA and model: Abbi Chartrand